Beyonce and Psoriasis

Because Beyonce is constantly on our website, I thought she was worthy of her very own post.

So here goes Hi B, looking good girl.

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I think it was very brave of you to come out and tell the world about your Psoriasis and the problems it has caused you throughout your life. If you had only come to me sooner I could have sorted the problem for you without a fuss and very quickly.

You see our Scalp Soothe made with snail mucin product is perfect for those who suffer with Psoriasis or Eczema or any other irritations on their scalp. When you combine this with the longer term resolution of using our Shampoo for sensitive scalp you will have the dream team on your side.

Stay cool girl.


Scalp psoriasis (sore-eye-uh-sis) is a long-lasting (chronic) autoimmune disease (caused by your own immune system) that causes your skin cells to reproduce too quickly. It creates thick, discolored patches of skin (plaques) on your scalp and other areas around your scalp. These areas may include: Your hairline.



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