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In 2019, while driving home from work, Kieran (our beloved leader) was listening to the radio when a section about snail farming caught his interest. He spent some time researching the subject and enrolled in several online courses to learn more.

With the arrival of lockdown, Kieran invested weeks or months into his new-found facination and was soon on the road to setting up his snail farm. He started with 50,000 breeder snails, which he sourced from a farmer in Co. Carlow. Over a period of time, these “breeder snails” done exactly that, and at this stage, there are over 1 million snails on the farm.

After a period of time working with the snails, he noticed that the blemishes that were on his arms and hands after 50 years of life’s adventures had almost disappeared. Kieran and his wife (Marion) started to make potions and lotions on their kitchen table. One of the first guinea pigs was their daughter’s boyfriend (how could he refuse?) who suffered from severe psoriasis on his arms. He would always wear a long-sleeved shirt, even on the hottest days of summer, to cover the condition. After about 4 weeks of using our kitchen prototype, the psoriasis was virtually gone.

Friends, family, and neighbours were persuaded (or threatened) to try this new concoction, and soon many more stories of unbelievable healing were being reported. Word spread, and soon strangers were calling to the door looking for “The Snail Man” and some of the “snail stuff” in typical Monaghan brogue.

Babies’, who had tried absolutely everything from dermatologists, chemists, doctors, and cures, were clearing up eczema after using our product for as little as 5 days. Older ladies who were suffering from stretch marks after shingles were able to move again after using our product.

There’s a lot more to our story. We are only getting started.

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