A review by Lillie

Our cutest reviewer, talks about how she can finally wear dresses thanks to our Atopic Cream.

A review by Caroline

Caroline and her beautiful boys talk about how our atopic cream helped baby Alex with his Eczema

A review by Jason

Jason, a chef in the RDS gifted our Anti-Ageing cream to his partner and it was the best cream she had ever tried so he was back to us again for more. 

A review by Patrick

Patrick tried our product at showcase Ireland and found instant relief!

A review by Michele

Florist and owner of The Petal Plot, Michele uses our hand cream to help with her overworked hands

A review by Jemma

Jemma developed Eczema on her feet while pregnant with her first child. Nothing had worked for her until she discovered our Atopic Cream. 

Our first UK review

We are delighted that Bragan Skincare has made its way across the pond and is now helping people with Restless Legs Syndrome in the UK.

A Review by Grace McCabe

Colour Consultant and owner of Dress with Grace, Grace McCabe found our Anti-ageing cream really helped fight those fine lines and wrinkles. 

A Review by Fidelma Fay

Cavan lady, Fidelma Faye talks to us about her 40 year battle with Psoriasis and how our Scalp Soothe and Shampoo finally offered her relief. 

A Review by Paul Cassidy

Painter and musician, Paul Cassidy from Omagh in Co. Tyrone met us with us to talk about how our Atopic Cream has made a huge difference to the Plaque Psoriasis on his knees, elbows and neck.

A Review by Paul Cassidy

Cavan man, Conor met us with us to talk about how our Atopic Cream, Shampoo and Scalp soothe helped his Psoriasis.

A Review by Ricky and Nadine

6 month old Ricky had been suffering from Eczema from he was 3 months old. Our Atopic Cream cleared Ricky’s skin and allowed mum, Nadine to get a good nights sleep. 

A Review by Isabella

We were delighted to receive this glowing review from the lovely, bubbly Isabella Harte. Isabella has been using our Body Cream and Atopic Cream to achieve these results.

A Review by Erin

Huge thank you to the lovely Erin for her review on how our products helped soothe her Psoriasis.

A Review by Noeleen

The lovely Noeleen Boylan tells us how she can finally get a restful nights sleep thanks to our Restless Legs Cream. 


What Our Customer’s say

About us:

A family-run business, Bragan Skincare has created a range of creams using snail mucin to treat  problematic skin naturally and effectively. Nestled in the drumlins of County Monaghan, Ireland, Kieran ran his snail farm and saw first-hand the positive effects that snail mucin had on his own skin.

Extensive research revealed the benefits of snail secretion (snail mucin) on the skin. Following his research, Kieran created sample products and began reaching out to local volunteers.

The sample creams were put to the test by volunteers across a range of ages and skin conditions. The cream proved to be extremely beneficial, providing much-needed treatment and relief for those with skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and many others.

Kieran - Bragan Skincare
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