The pharmaceutical and cosmetic benefits of snail slime.

Maintaining Your Skin Health With Snail Mucin Snail mucin is known for its cosmeceutical benefits, which means it has both pharmaceutical and cosmetic uses. Some of the skin health advantages of this ingredient are: 1. Prevents The Growth Of Bacteria Snail secretions are a great way to keep your face cleaner and prevent bacteria from […]

Why is snail slime good for your skin.

Used since the time of the Roman Empire, snail slime has many beneficial properties for the skin – it stimulates skin repair and healing while protecting the skin, has anti-ageing properties and promotes suppleness, moisturization and radiance. It thus helps to efficiently prevent, relieve and eliminate various types of skin problems and diseases in a […]

Nature’s steroid cream for eczema

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Science : The benefits of snail slime for skin. Science Backs Use Of Snail Mucin In Skincare Products For These Benefits Snail slime contains a powerful combination of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pro-regenerating components. Snail mucus has been used as a wound healing agent, surgical glue, and to combat gastric ulcers, too. Snail mucin is the […]