What’s in it and why it is so good for your skin.

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Snail slime: what it is and what are the benefits of this miraculous ingredient for the skin.

We’ve been hearing about it for a few years now snail slime. An ingredient used a lot in the cosmetics product for its nourishing and regenerating properties for the skin. Here are what they are in detail all benefits of this amazing ingredient.

Anti-ageing cream

No snails are harmed in the process. Cosmetic companies do nothing but recover the trail, they purify it and finally they reuse it in the production of cosmetics.

This ingredient is mainly used for the creation of creams, cleansers and serums for both face and body. Indeed, in its composition there would be many components and active substances such as allantonin, which helps and stimulates the tissue regeneration and elastin, a protein that promotes skin elasticity.

Furthermore, snail slime would also contain one good percentage of collagen which would help to make the skin more toned, hydrated and soft and glycolic acid, with exfoliating properties, as well as vitamins, essential amino acids and proteins capable of oxygenate the epidermis well and provide it with constant hydration and nourishment.

Benefits of snail slime

Snail slime seems to be the right ingredient to integrate into our usual skincare routine it can be used both in the evening and in the morning without risking irritation or that the skin becomes too sensitive with the sun exposure as happens with other ingredients, for example retinol (remember to always put a good cream with SPF).

Given its composition, snail slime performs an elasticising action going to deeply nourish the tissues, making them more toned and promoting anti-aging action preventing fine lines and small expression lines which tend to mark our face over time. It also seems very useful, and is recommended, even for those with impure skin, thanks to the peptides and glycolic acid which perform both a purifying action useful for counteracting acne, both for “lighten” the skin reducing blemishes and scars.

Anti ageing cream

How to integrate it into your skincare routine

Furthermore, the snail slime, also carrying out a moisturizing and antioxidant action, favouring the tissue oxygenation and maintaining hydration, will make your skin appear healthier and smoother. In combination with the vitamin C and vitamin E your skin from the first uses will appear much more bright and relaxed.

As for the skincare routine, if you want to start using this ingredient, you need to know that there are so many on the market. By now, entire lines are formulated with this miraculous ingredient. Our advice is to apply products based on snail slime both in the morning and in the evening to increase its effectiveness on the skin in the long run.

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