The snails are starting to stir

Today is the 8th of April and after a few warmer days over the last week, some of the early risers have appeared in the snail beds. After hibernating over the winter this fellow has decided to emerge from the ground and go in search of food.

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We have been hard at work preparing for these guys to emerge for their slumber. Firstly, we removed all the climbing nets and washed them thoroughly. Because of the sensitive nature of the snails no chemicals can be used to wash the nets.

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We then put the nets back into the snail beds.

Next we take the feeding tables which we have washed, again without the use of any chemicals and put them back in place on to of the climbing nets.

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So we are almost ready, we just need to fix the sprinkler system and test it out. I won’t be sorry to see the end of this part of the season.