Is Snail Slime Good for Acne

How does the composition of snail slime improve acne?

Acne is often an unavoidable phase for teenagers and unfortunately it sometimes leaves visible traces behind. With its unsightly blemishes and nasty scars, it is a skin condition that one could really do without. But what solutions actually exist to tackle acne? Have you considered natural solutions that are gentle, yet effective? Our face cleanser has been used by a many of our customers as a treatment for acne or for reducing the appearance of scars with great success. The reasons that snail slime is a good treatment for acne has been summarised below.

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A, Allantoin repairs and regenerates

The epidermis is put to a severe test during flares of acne. Damaged tissue needs to be repaired and regenerated and skin restored to its normal healthy state.

It is here that allantoin, one of the key active ingredients in snail slime, plays a major role. It repairs the damage caused by acne – and in particular improves the appearance of scars that it tends to leave behind – by simulating the renewal of skin cells.

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B, Collagen facilitates healing

Acne pimples are called skin lesions. In order to not leave scars and marks on the skin, these lesions need to be allowed to heal properly.

Collagen comes into play here to facilitate the healing process. It is extremely powerful since it enables the skin to regain its resilience, while at the same time restoring excellent elasticity and firmness.

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C, Vitamins A & C provide a healthy glow

Due to the skin lesions that it causes, acne dehydrates the skin. To treat acne effectively, your skin also needs careful attention and moisturisation.

The vitamins A and C found naturally in snail slime help to achieve this essential step. They enable the skin to retain more moisture, while giving it a healthy glow.

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D, Glycolic acid fades scars

A number of factors, like the poor treatment of acne pimples or sun exposure, prevent the skin from healing properly and can lead to unsightly scarring.

A scar can never fully disappear, but you can help it to fade. And for that, there is nothing better than glycolic acid. It improves the appearance and texture of the epidermis, while refining the skin and even boosting the radiance of the complexion.

Did you know that…?

After observing how the snail repairs its own shell with its slime, experiments were conducted on human skin. The verdict was soon reached: snail mucin has a powerful healing effect. Its healing and regenerative properties play a key role in skin cell renewal. Check out what Erin had to say about our product.

I tried the face cleanser and couldn’t believe the results. I have suffered from mild acne for years now and have never found an effective solution for clearing it. After using the cleanser each morning and evening my skin has cleared. I have been so impressed by this amazing product which has even cleared scarring on my face! Erin H

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