Shane’s Psoriasis Story

When we started developing the products to help people with Eczema or Psoriasis one of the first people to try our product was Shane. Shane was 19 years old and had suffered with Psoriasis on his arms, his scalp and on his body for years. Shane believes that the Psoriasis was initially brought on by the stress of sitting his Leaving Certificate. He was so conscious of the problem that he never wore short sleeved clothing in public because he was embarrassed by the condition. Shane was actually introduced to our range of products by my daughter.

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Shane’s Arm before.

We started treating the problem with the two products listed below. We used the Atopic Cream to treat the Psoriasis on his scalp and used the body wash to treat the Psoriasis on the body. After one week Shane’s skin condition started to show a real improvement.

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Body Wash for psoriasis.
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Atopic cream for Scalp Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis.

Initially the first noticeable change for Shane was that the itchiness was eased. The itchy scalp that had constantly sought his attention began to settle and the Psoriasis on the arms began to clear. After approximately 3 weeks we took the following photos of Shane’s arm.


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Shane’s Arm After 3 Weeks

Shane’s skin condition continues to improve as he continues to use the body wash to control his Psoriasis and the scalp Psoriasis has completely cleared. We are very pleased that we were able to help Shane and many others with their skin imperfections. Please read Shane’s Trustpilot review below:

Aug 9, 2022

I have been suffering from Psoriasis…

I have been suffering from Psoriasis since I was younger and have tried different products to help clear it and none of them compare to this. It cleared my Psoriasis up in a matter of weeks. I would recommend this brand to everyone!

by Shane Murray

Thank you Shane for your review and we look forward to helping you over the years to come.